Round and RCS Bars

Vicor Groups manufactures round bars and round cornered square (RCS) bars in various grades and sizes which are suitable for machining, drawing, peeling as well as forging applications like close die forging and open die forging.
Round Bars Size Range: 16mm to 125mm
RCS Bars Size Range: 65×65 to 75×75
r1 r2
  • Hot Rolled (Black) Surface
  • 100% Ultrasonically tested
  • Spot grinded or Fully grinded as per customer requirement
  • Heat treated: Annealed, Solution Annealed, Hardened, Oil Quenched, Tempered
  • Free from surface defects and cracks
  • Length up to 12 meters. Cut length available as per customer requirement
  • Cold sawable
  • 100% material identity tested through handheld spectrometer to avoid mix-up