Our iron and steel plant, one of the most eminent plants with various manufacturing units is equipped with highly advanced technology. We are proud to represent ourselves, to be the one, using the latest, sophisticated manufacturing technology. The state-of -the-art infrastructure of our plant help us deliver the best quality in the industry. We have a great capacity and flexibility of producing anything under stringent monitoring methods. The well-conceived plant layout with most advanced machinery could handle steel melting, rolling mills and finishing and heat treatment. We constantly keep on updating ourselves technologically to suit the swift march of the technological advancement in regards to machinery of iron and steel industry thus providing our customers with the latest and the best products.
Vicor Group uses the most advanced and modern steel making technologies available to manufacture the best quality steel of various grades. The following are the facilities available with Vicor Group in all the plants under its banner:

  • Induction Melting Furnaces (5MT, 6 MT, 9MT, 10MT Capacities)
  • Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Converter
  • Continuous Casting Machine (CCM), Double Stand, 6/11 radius
  • Cored Wie Injector
  • Bottom Poured Ingot Casting
  • 14 Inch Semi Automatic Hot Rolling Mill
  • 10 Inch Semi Automatic Hot Rolling Mill with 14 Inch Roughing Mill
  • 7 Inch Hot Rolling Mill
  • 6 Inch Hot Rolling Mill
  • Heat Treating Furnaces for Annealing, Solution Annealing, Hardening, Oil Quenching and Tempering
  • Bar Straightening Machines
  • Cold Drawing Machine (Draw-bench)
  • Bar Peeling Machines
  • Centerless Grinding Machines
  • Polishing Machines
  • Ametek make 52 Channel Spectromaxx and 58 Channel Spectrolab
  • State of the art Chemical and Mechanical Labs